Dried Lemons – What Could You Use it For?

By: Dried Lemon Filed Under: Everyday Life Posted: January 24, 2013

This might be a question that comes up in your mind when someone tells you “do not throw away the used lemon as you can make dried lemons out of it!” But studies conducted on the properties of dried lemons indicate that they possess almost the same qualities of the fresh lemon, except for their juice. And this makes them useful, not only in your kitchen, but also in managing your health, beauty and even some special purposes. Let’s see a few uses of dried lemons.

  • Adding dried lemons to rice – Dried lemon powder can be added to rice while cooking it, so as to give a tangy flavor to the rice, which you are sure to enjoy.
  • In marinating done for meat and fish – Marinades made for chicken, lamb etc can be adorned by the flavor of the dried lemon, may it be the back dried lemon which gives a smoky feel or the yellow dried lemon powder which provides its tanginess
  • Making Christmas ornaments to decorate your trees and house – who would imagine a dried lemon being used to decorate your house?? But yes, it is true! You could make lovely little Christmas ornaments with dried lemons. When tagged along with pretty ribbons and tassels, these look the perfect ornament that anyone would want in their house during a wonderful Christmas!
  • Add dried lemons to dull soups to brighten them up – there are many soups that look and taste quite dull, owing to the color of their ingredients or the blunt taste of the whole thing. Adding dried lemons to such soups can not only enhance their look and color, but also give it a fresh and better taste.
  • They go well with roasted vegetables – dried lemon can substitute the use of fresh lemon in flavoring roasted vegetables.
  • In making candied peels – the dried lemon zest can be candied and used, for those people who like it a bit tangy and sweet.
  • Giving an aroma to your fireplace – now, this is something most of you wouldn’t have thought about! Pop one dried lemon into your fireplace and you can have a room full of fresh lemony smell when your fire burns!

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