Flavoring Your Dishes with Dried Lemons

By: Dried Lemon Filed Under: Everyday Life Posted: January 27, 2013

The concept of using dried lemons for flavoring food was first known to be tried out in Oman, a Middle Eastern state. For years together, people had completely ignored the fact that the qualities of a fresh lemon could be put into use, even after its juice had been completely removed! But today, dried lemons are an unavoidable part of the spices used in the Middle Eastern countries, especially Iraq, Iran and the other states in gulf.

The North Indians also started using this special spice, soon after they got to know its flavors and benefits. Today, even other countries have taken to this habit and have started using dried lemons for giving that special sour and tangy flavor to the food they make. The best part is that dried lemons can give a huge and pleasant twist to the food you are making, even without an effort from your end!

The Middle Easterners normally add the dried lemons to stews or soups, so as to give them a tangy flavor. The dried lemons are said to retain that good aroma of a fresh lemon and even that tang of citrus in it. While using them is stews or soups, all you have to do is wash them, chop them up or even pierce the pieces with forks, and add to your dish, just 3 or 4 pieces!! You would be surprised to find how this little quantity added to your food can change its whole flavor!

Another food item where you could try out dried lemons is the lamb. When cooking lambs, or barbecuing lamb chops, you could add the dried lemon powder to the marinade that has been prepared for the lamb. This would give you an effect equal to squeezing a fresh lime on your prepared lamb chops! It is not just the lambs you can go for; chicken, fish, anything can be flavored with the dried lemons.

Now, if you are a vegetarian who wants to try out the flavors of dried lemons, here comes your choice – dried lemons are known to go well with beans and lentil dishes. The fact is that the dullness of these food items can be neutralized by the tanginess of the dried lime! Has your mouth started watering already??

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