How Dried Lemon Helps Your Heart?

By: Dried Lemon Filed Under: Everyday Life Posted: January 14, 2013

Almost everyone knows that lemon juice can help one feel refreshed and that it can help enhance one’s beauty.  However, most people don’t know about the other more serious health benefits of dried lemon. Do you know that lemon can be good for your heart’s health and help you fight high blood pressure.

Studies suggest that lemon is helpful in reducing the cholesterol level in the body. This is further helpful in promoting the health of your heart. Dried lemon is rich in potassium, which is help in maintaining your blood pressure. The lemon peels contain polyphenol flavonoids that help in lowering the level of LDL cholesterol, which are considered as the bad cholesterol.

As lemon also contains high amount of vitamin C, it works by keeping the blood vessels clear. This further prevents or minimizes the chances of developing heart disease, blood pressure and diabetic heart disease. Studies have found that dried lemon can help in controlling dizziness and nausea and offers relaxation to the mind and body.  In addition, it can also help in fighting depression and mental stress because of its unique blood-pressure fighting properties.

Another way lemon works to improve heart health is by neutralizing free radicals. Free radicals are free-moving electrons that exist inside the cells. In addition to causing heart problems, these free radicals can also cause cancers, autoimmune diseases, swelling and speed up the process of aging. The lemon peel is rich in vitamin C, which helps in neutralizing these harmful free radicals and thus prevents the risks of developing these conditions.

Research has found that free radicals can cause serious damage to blood vessels. Therefore, it is essential that you add dried lemon to your food to maintain proper blood circulation. When you regularly take lemon in different forms, the benefits are going to be galore. It would help in strengthening your capillaries, reducing high blood pressure and relieving palpitations. It would also help in raising your good cholesterol level while preventing the bad cholesterol from getting oxidized. Lemon can also help in preventing the formation of plaque that can clog your arteries.

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