Knowing More about Dried lemons

By: Dried Lemon Filed Under: Everyday Life Posted: February 6, 2013

It wouldn’t be a surprise if most of us throw away a lemon peel, after it is squeezed and the whole juice, taken out. But have you ever thought of preserving this product after you squeeze out its juice? No way! Why would somebody preserve a waste product!! If this is your thought, it is time to change it!! The fact is that dried lemon can work wonders, not just in your kitchen, but in many other cases too, just like a fresh one. Gone are the times when only fresh lemon is used to add flavor to your food. Today, dried lemon is also used for this and for many other purposes too.

The best and easiest thing about getting dried lemon is that they are quite easy to dehydrate. Moreover, the fruit is available throughout the year unlike many others, which makes it popular among the common man. The dried lemon is today available in the market in different colors and textures. You can find yellow powders of dried lemon and even black colored lime, which is actually used in the Middle Eastern countries, as a flavoring to their dishes. The making of black lime is different compared to making the yellow dried lime. Here the lemon is boiled in salt water and then put out in the sun to dry up until its inner parts turn black in color. This is the stage of perfect drying and after this, the dried lemon is powdered, to obtain the Mediterranean black lime or dried lime.

The fact is that has better and stronger flavors compared to a fresh one. They have a sour as well as citrusy taste about them, which makes them give that special taste to the dish one is cooking. Apart from that, dried lemon is also used in teas, along with the various health benefits it provides. Freeze drying is another method used to get dried lemons. The advantage of such a method is that it freeze-dried lemon can retain almost every quality of the normal fresh lemon, and it is much more hygienic compared to the traditional sun drying method. Whatever be the method used, one could clearly say that dried lemon should be a definite part of your kitchen cabinet for years to come!

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