4 major health benefits of using dried lemons

By: Dried Lemon Filed Under: Health Benefits Posted: December 19, 2012

Dried lemons are extensively used for cooking purposes in different countries of the world. However, there are many other uses of this fruit as well. It surely cannot be used like dried nuts but has endless medicinal uses. In addition to medicinal benefits, it also provides a large number of cosmetic benefits. Top medicinal and cosmetic benefits of dried lemons are discussed in the following passages.

  • Infection
    Dried lemon is considered best to fight against infection. It is rich in vitamin C as it is a citrus fruit and can impart high immunity against infection. Skin infection can be cured by external use of dried lemons. Lemon’s skin may also be used for treating skin infection. Other types of infection like tongue infection can also be treated easily by the use of dried lemon in a specific way.
  • Production of blood cells
    Human blood consists of two major types of cells that are red blood cells and white blood cells. White blood cells can be produced at amazing speed with the use of dried lemon. This property of lemon makes it very effective for the treatment of fatal diseases like dengue fever. Several pieces of dried lemon mixed with water can make a paste that must be taken in as droplets through the mouth.
  • Cholesterol
    Even though lemon is acidic in nature and must not be considered good for liver. Still it is great for controlling cholesterol and high blood pressure. It acts as blood thinners and reduced the probability of brain stroke. HDL level is increased in the blood by the normal use of dried lemons.
  • Skin glow
    If you are touchy about your skin then dried lemons can be of great benefit to you. Making a paste of dried lemon and water can be put on the skin for half an hour. Remove this paste without using water. You will feel a sharp change in your skin. It will start to glow more. Blackheads can also be removed to high precision by the use of this paste.

Many other advantages are also associated with dried lemons highlighting their importance for human health.

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