Health Benefits of Dried Lemons

By: Dried Lemon Filed Under: Health Benefits Posted: January 31, 2013

Most of you might have heard about the use of dried lemons in Mediterranean cuisine and homemade dishes. But have you ever known the health benefits the dried lemon may possess?? As we all know, lemons are the best sources of Vitamin C, just like any other citrus fruit. And the best thing about dried lemons is that they tend to retain almost every good quality of a fresh lemon! This is what makes the dried lemon, a best substitute for many of the health conditions where fresh lemon is used as a natural treatment.

One of the best health benefits that dried lemons offer is its ability to soothe out digestive problems. From times old, lemon tea has been widely used by people all over the world, in curing digestive problems and many other problems related to your stomach, especially diarrhea problems. Fresh lemon and the antioxidants in it are known to possess the ability to put an instant halt to diarrhea, once consumed. Today, the dried lemons have substituted the fresh ones in this area, and can be used as an ingredient in making lemon tea that soothes out digestive problems.

Dried lemon extracts are also known to be useful in the process of weight loss, owing to its high antioxidant property. Studies reveal that lemon both dried and fresh has the ability to act as blood purifiers and make you less prone to diseases including cholera, malaria etc. another huge advantage of dried lemons is its bleaching effect and its ability to deal with skin problems and get rid of it. Fresh lemon has been used by women since long back, to bring more color to their face and bleach out the facial hair.

This can be achieved with dried lemon powder as well, if you prepare a concoction of this powder in water. Due to the antiseptic and antibacterial properties it possesses, dried lemons can also be used in treating various skin problems. The use of powdered lemon zest is just like you use the fresh lemon. So the next time you squeeze out the juice of a lemon, think twice, before throwing out the rest.. You may be discarding some of the most beneficial health and beauty assistants in your kitchen!

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