Dried Lime – Things you need to know

By: Dried Lemon Filed Under: Everyday Life Posted: December 28, 2012

The origin of the lime is a mystery, though it is thought that limes first grew in Southern India, northern Burma, and China. A study of the genetic origin of the lime reported that it is a hybrid between sour orange and citron. Lime is very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Calcium, Iron and Copper, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber and Vitamin C.

Lime is one of the most nutritious fruits eaten by a wide range of people across the world. However, a great majority of people prefer to sip on a dried lime than a fresh one. Dried lime (also known as black lime, loomi, and black lime) can be used not only in Persian Gulf and Iranian cuisine, but also in the preparation of medicinal soap, cream, and medicinal drugs. They are made by boiling a lime fruit in salt water and then leaving them to dry in the sun until it turns black. They can be found whole or ground to powder. Consuming dried lime can lead to fantastic results in as little as two days.

Dried lime may be peeled, crushed, or even pierced. Drinking at least two cups of dried lime juice every week will lead to a healthy lifestyle. Dried lime is also used in many Arabian, African, and Asian countries as a cure against several types of viral illnesses. Dried lime tastes naturally sour instead of sugary.

Lime replenishes the body’s lost nutrients. Dried lime can be found in restaurants or supermarkets. There are also several online companies that market the fruit. Medical experts have recommended dried lime to patients suffering from cancer, stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

Nothing can go wrong by having this fruit, as it has all the necessary nutrients required by your body. It will effectively assist the body’s growth. It also contain many vitamins and minerals, and it boosts your immune system, giving you enhanced protection from diseases and illnesses.

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