How to Make Dried Lemons at Home?

By: Dried Lemon Filed Under: Everyday Life Posted: February 3, 2013

For those of you who do not want to spend a lot of money and time searching the stores for dried lemon, here is a simple and efficient way of making dried lemons at home! That too, at very less cost!! And for those of you, who used to buy dried lemons in packets, try this out for a change, and you wouldn’t go back to the stores for it again! It is that simple.

The yellow part of a peel of lemon, called the zest of a lemon can be dried even in your microwave or an oven for storage! Let us see a step by step procedure of how to make dried lemons at home. The first step in the process of drying a lemon in a microwave is getting it ready for the drying process. For this, you need to get the zest separated. With the help of a grater or something like a zester, you can grate the lemon zest into a container. Care need to be given in making sure that you do not grate the white part as well. This is because the white part can have a bitter taste, unlike the zest. So make sure you have just the lemon zest grated and ready to be dried.

The next step would be to place paper towels on to a paper plate, were you can arrange your grated lemon zest in a particular pattern. This is to make sure that all of the lemon zest is dried equally well. Now you can microwave this zest for around 12 or even 13 minutes, at 70% power. Make sure to stir it now and then, while heating. Now your dried lemons are ready to be stored. Once they are fully cooled, you can tuck them away nicely in an air tight container and enjoy using them in your dishes and for other purposes too.

Now if it is the oven you are going to use to get the dried lemons, the same process of grating needs to be followed. But here, you oven should be preheated at the lowest temperature available in your settings. Then add the baking sheet topped by a parchment paper and spread the grated zest on it. Finally oven bake it and dry it in the oven itself, cool it and then store it!

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